Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scientia Pro Publica Needs Your Help!

Hello fellow science, nature and medical blog writers!

Due to a lack of hosts (a new problem for reasons that are entirely my own fault), I (GrrlScientist) will be hosting the next edition of Scientia Pro Publica once again. Please accept my apologies for producing what will probably be a rather boring, minimalist style blog carnival when you are all so much better at thinking up clever hosting ideas!

Of course, this means that I need people to host upcoming editions of this carnival, which is published the first and third Monday of every month. Please look at your calendars and let me know when you are available to help out by hosting. All dates in 2010 are open and available, and will be awarded on a first-come, first assigned basis, so if you have a particular date you desire for whatever reason, act now to reserve it. I will be sending the schedule to you as reservations are made.

This then brings me to the second matter: submissions. We need them. You do not need to be the author of a particular blog entry to send it to Scientia Pro Publica. If you read something that you think is especially good and is appropriate for Scientia, please do send it to us. This helps the blog carnival to gain a wider audience and also helps encourage new blog writers to continue practicing and refining their craft.

The best way to send submissions is via the automated submission form.

You can also install the Scientia widget into the sidebar of your blog for others to use.

When sending submissions, remember to include:

  • URL
  • author name (and if possible, email, if sending someone else's essay)
  • brief summary (2-3 sentences should do it)


Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)
Cat Herder for Scientia Pro Publica blog carnival


  1. I can probably host on 2/15, although I've never hosted before and so don't really know what's involved...

  2. Kate: Since I already volunteered for 2/15, i'll do it. but if you wish to host any of the following editions, feel free to leave the date(s) of your choice here or email them to me.

    i also wrote a piece awhile ago after i hosted my first ever blog carnival explaining what i did to make it successful. you (and interested others) might find it useful.

  3. I would be happy to host one, although I am unsure as to exactly how well I could put it together.