Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scientia Pro Publica 24 a&b (or 24 & 25?) Now Available

Image: wemidji (Jacques Marcoux).

Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est (And thus knowledge itself is power)
-- Sir Francis Bacon.

This week's edition of Scientia Pro Publica (Science for the People) has been published at two separate locations: "Scientia Pro Publica 24: Origins Edition" by Andrew at 360 Degree Skeptic and by Andrew at Southern Fried Science (#25?). This twin edition is christened (by me): "The Twin Sons of Different Mothers" edition, or perhaps "The Revenge of the Andrews".

How did this happen? I wonder. Haven't I sent out enough emails about this blog carnival, the host schedule and its new weekly format?

It turns out that I have sent plenty of emails to the host, Andrew. So I was a little concerned when Andrew contacted me, yet again, displaying what I could only identify as an advanced case of Alzheimer's disease.

I decided that Andrew, like me, is probably swamped with real life tragedies and concerns, so I sent the relevant information to him yet again, followed by the gentle hint; "Does this make sense?"

Only today, did it become apparent that I was talking to twin sons of different mothers.

So I was checking the host schedule, but they apparently were not (because if they had, well, they would have known that the blog carnival has gone to a weekly format and will be published next week at my Nature Network blog, Maniraptora. Hmph!). However, I was not checking the precise email address I was writing to.

Of course, this support means that the Scientia email account has been emptied of all submissions (eeek!), which numbered more than 55 (several emails suggested as many as four submissions) so I am faced with a bit of a challenge: can I manage to get 25-30 high-quality science, environment, nature and medical essay submissions in time for next week's edition? Only you can help by sending links to your -- or other people's -- writing. To do this, either use this automated submission form or use the cute little widget on the right (be aware that widget doesn't upload when the mother site is nonfunctional, and ALWAYS check your email/spam filter for your submission receipt to be sure it was sent properly). Alternatively, you can also send the link directly to the Scientia Blog Carnival email address.

So don't hesitate to provide your assistance: there are thousands of you reading this announcement who read widely throughout the blogosphere, and each one of you will read a science, environment, nature or medical blog essay that is worth sharing with a wider audience. When you run across that essay, send the link to me so I can provide that essay with a broader reach than it otherwise would have. Don't be afraid to send in someone else's work; these blog writers appreciate and are honored that someone "out there" has read their work and appreciated it enough to suggest it to Scientia Pro Publica. (Besides, they want an audience; otherwise, they wouldn't have published their essay on a blog!) If you wish to get credit for your discovery, include the name or pseudonym that you wish that credit to go to.

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