Friday, May 7, 2010

Scientia Pro Publica 2010 Schedule

This is the 2010 schedule for Scientia Pro Publica. I have republished it because several potential hosts have not seen it since it is so far down the front page. I thought about giving it a 31 December 2010 publish date so it would always be at the top of the page, but realize this means the most recent carnival will not receive the attention it deserves if I did that.

Please feel free to email me with changes to this schedule. If I do not hear any complaints, I'll leave the schedule as-is:

Scientia Pro Publica 2010:

If you are interested to host Scientia but have never before hosted a blog carnival, I wrote a blog essay about how I hosted my very first blog carnival way back in 2005. That blog carnival was Tangled Bank, the "parent" of Scientia, which this blog carnival seeks to emulate by (1) communicating about science, medicine, the environment and nature to the public and (2) encouraging those who write about these topics by providing them with an audience who provides feedback and criticism on their writing. The goal for each edition of Scientia is to provide each host with roughly 25 non-spam non-woo submissions to work with. Thus, when the current host receives more than 35 submissions, this blog carnival will then publish every Monday instead of the every alternate Monday. Starting on 10 May 2010, all submissions will be forwarded to your email account from the Scientia email account.

Feel free to give me your ideas and feedback here or send email to me with suggestions.


  1. I am interested in hosting Scientia on my blog cosmodynamics before the year is out. Are all these slots still open? If so, 10/11 or thereafter would work well for me. This would be my first time hosting a carnival, but I've taken a look at some recent issues and it looks like a lot of fun!

  2. I'd like to host at Biofortified, the group blog on the science behind agriculture. If it's ok, could we grab Nov 8? Thanks!

  3. you both have been added to the schedule as hosts. be sure to send in a few of your pieces before your host date!

  4. Is that opening on October 25th still available? I'd be happy to host a carnival over at Science Park! I'll probably also have something interesting to submit soon.

  5. matt, email me so we can talk about it.

  6. I'll volunteer for Oct 25 if needed! Can't find your email!