Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scientia Pro Publica 2011 Schedule

This is the 2011 schedule for Scientia Pro Publica. As you can see, we are seeking hosts for all scheduled editions for 2011, so if you have a favorite date, be sure to leave a comment or send me email now to claim that date.

I also do schedule the carnival to publish weekly when we get enough submissions to make that possible (this typically occurs in October through December, then again in February through June). I do this to keep the host from being overwhelmed with huge numbers of submissions, and I also do this so each essay receives the public attention it deserves.

Scientia Pro Publica 2011:

  • 3 January --
  • 17 January --
  • 31 January --
  • 14 February --
  • 28 February --
  • 13 March --
  • 27 March --
  • 10 April --
  • 24 April --
  • 8 May --
  • 22 May --
  • 5 June --
  • 19 June --
  • 3 July --
  • 17 July --
  • 31 July --
  • 14 August --
  • 28 August --
  • 11 September --
  • 25 September --
  • 9 October --
  • 23 October --
  • 6 November --
  • 20 November --
  • 4 December --
  • 18 December --

If you are interested to host Scientia but have never before hosted a blog carnival, I wrote a blog essay about how I hosted my very first blog carnival way back in 2005. That blog carnival was Tangled Bank, the "parent" of Scientia, which this blog carnival seeks to emulate by (1) communicating about science, medicine, the environment and nature to the public and (2) encouraging those who write about these topics by providing them with an audience who provides feedback and criticism on their writing.

The goal for Scientia is to provide each host with roughly 25 non-spam non-woo submissions to work with. Hosts are also encouraged to seek submissions from their blog-writing colleagues (who may be new to us) and to include blog entries (essays, opinion pieces, poems, cartoons, etc.) that they've found in their travels around the internet. When more than 25 submissions are received in a week's period of time, this blog carnival will then publish every Monday instead of the every alternate Monday. We generally are only so lucky to publish weekly during the traditional school year (September-December and February-June). All submissions will be forwarded to your email account from the Scientia email account.

You can follow the Scientia Pro Publica blog carnival on twitter @Science4People. You can follow all science, environment, natural history, nature and medicine blog carnivals on the combined @SciNatBlogs twitter feed. If you host a carnival that should be tweeted by @SciNatBlogs, please do cc your tweets to us and we'll retweet it as soon as possible.

Feel free to give me your ideas and feedback here or send email to me with suggestions.

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  1. I'd happily take either the 17th or 31st of January, if one's still open.